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This cookbook consists of over 30 recipes that will make your family crave more! From customary meat dishes to zestful soups and savory desserts, you will find family favorites of your own within these pages.

There is no need to go out and waste money on high priced cuisine when you can make these meals in the comfort of your own kitchen for a fraction of the price!


Recipes featured in the left picture: top plate has Sate'. Krupuk Udang (Shrimp Crackers) is in top bowl. Followed by Peanut Butter Sauce in the middle bowl and Spicy Pepper Sauce in the bottom bowl.         ALL ARE FEATURED IN THE COOKBOOK.

Bottom plate is going to be clockwise starting at the top with cabbage. The broccoli, eggs, cucumbers, fried Tofu, potatoes, green beans, bean sprouts and spinach.










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